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About Our Chancellor


Dr. Craig A. Ponder Sr., Ph.D., CEA, is not only a SUCCESSFUL ordained Apostle and an ACCOMPLISHED Entrepreneur for over 40 years, he holds six professional designations, a Doctorate of Ministry (D.Min.) in Biblical Studies and a Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Theology with an emphasis in Economics. He is also a Lecturer, Author, Wealth Strategist, Financial Educator, Retirement Expert and Chancellor. Dr. Ponder and his beautiful wife Dr. Darlene, have been together since he was 19 years old or over 34 years now. They have been in business and married for 28 years. He is now pioneering a global “Accelerated School of Business, With A Biblical Worldview” in a method that is guaranteed to help the Body of Christ achieve real financial, personal and social success in a revolutionary way that has never been done before.   

Dr. Ponder, is CEO of Financial Wealth Coach, Inc. and is the author and creator of the Get Financially Prepared In 68 Days™ Curriculum, Financial Freedom for Families™ Curriculum and the Are You Financially Prepared Assessment™. Dr. Ponder has invested over 23 years consulting and coaching thousands of Americans, Christians, Teachers, Self-Employed, Baby Boomers, Seniors, Women and Home Owners on “How To Grow Their Retirement Nest-Egg Every Year No Matter What Is Going On In The Stock and Real Estate Market!” In those 23 years not one of Dr. Ponders, clients has ever lost one penny of their retirement or college savings money! It’s time to learn how to Protect, Multiply, and Privatize Your Money!

Dr. Craig, is also a John C. Maxwell Certified, Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker.

Stop Losing Money™ is a book written for Christians who don't know what to do after tithes and offerings and are tired of waiting for a harvest and for American's who are Tired of Losing Money and need a Retirement EXIT STRATEGY. Learn how to STOP putting a Band-Aid on your financial problems and add an EXTRA $500K - $1 Million to your Retirement Nest-Egg.

Cracking the Apostolic and Prophetic Code™ is a book of impartation and activation and where all of the other books on the Marketplace (Workplace) and 7 Mountains have either stopped, left off, or dare to go this book along with our Curriculum or Training Programs will take you out of the “4 Walls” of the Church or Traditional Christianity and beyond the Marketplace and into the Kingdom of God!


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About Our President

Prophet Dr. Darlene Ponder, CKC, CKT, is the founder of Kingdom Generation International, Inc. which is a Kingdom Based Ekklesia 501(c)3, and the goal is to change the world, socially, economically and spiritually by educating, teaching, coaching, imparting, gathering and developing business leaders, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, professionals, women, 5-fold leaders, Generation Y (Age 15-26) and the next (Caleb) generation into the Kingdom of God. She is also the founder of Women of His Kingdom, who are also women of influence.

Prophet Darlene’s mandate is imparting how to “Live in the Kingdom” and that you can have and live Heaven on Earth! She states, “It's not a religion or tradition, but knowing your role and your rights in the Kingdom of God. He has given you the keys to the Kingdom.”

Prophet Darlene, was ordained a Prophet in 2008, by Apostle John Eckhardt, founder and Presiding Apostle of IMPACT Network and Overseer of Crusaders Church Chicago, IL.

Prophet Darlene is a Certified Kingdom Coach (CKC) and a Certified Kingdom Teacher (CKT) and holds her Doctorate of Kingdom Leadership Degree.

Ponder Family

Dr. Ponder, and his beautiful wife Prophet Darlene, have been together since he was 19 years old and have 3 handsome adult children. They have been in business, ministry and married for 27 years.

Dr. Sandy Kulkin
And you too, will be the maker of Millionaires 

I am excited that you are visiting Craig's website today. As one of my founding partners, Craig has been trained by me and my team.


About KDI

KDI, was founded in 1987, by Apostle Dr. Craig and Prophet Dr. Darlene Ponder, and is an, "Accelerated School of Business, With A Biblical Worldview". KDI, has developed the fastest, step-by-step curriculum for Christians to create a successful financial, professional and God given legacy in the HISTORY of the church, since the great 16th Century Reformation... REVEALED.

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KDI, Is Much, Much More Than Just A School of Ministry or A Traditional Bible College, but is a "21st Century Bible College on Steroids" and their Accredited 21st Century Curriculum, is guaranteed to help the Body of Christ achieve real financial, personal and social success in a revolutionary way that has never been done before, that will give you dual influence both with the Church (Christian circles) and in Corporate America (Marketplace) teaching you not to just be a minister, but also an Expert, and earning a High Six Figure Income Annually.

KDI, is Dedicated To Equipping You To Bridge the Gap Between the Church and World Missions and Taking Back America Through the Marketplace.

KDI Offers Training, Certifications, and Education Through Seminars, Lectures and Online Learning




KDI was originally accredited through the ACCREDITNG COMMISSION INTERNATIONAL (ACI), the world’s largest non-governmental school accrediting association. ACI is the accrediting authority for thousands of students in hundreds of schools in 9 countries on 5 continents, and operates in 35 states within the USA (including Washington, DC).

KDI is currently accredited through Transworld Accrediting Commission International (TACI) and they exist to assure the quality and assist in the improvement of the institution or program we accredit, preschool through postsecondary–within our shared Biblical distinctives by establishing an organizational witness to their credibility of performance and integrity.

The Transworld Accrediting Commission International (TACI) is a professional, federally recognized, non-profit church educational organization whose philosophy is to demonstrate accountability to the consuming public for education obtained in non-traditional evangelical educational institutions. This accountability is demonstrated by institutions that are accredited by TAC, having documented evidence of compliance with TACI standards of structure and governance, material resources, policies, faculty and curriculum.


DISCLAIMER...KDI is NOT a secular or government accredited University because we can always say and do what God has put us on the earth to do both today and in the generations to come without governmental rules or restrictions. Nor do we have to compromise on or accept or be silent on same sex or transgender issues, because we have accepted state or government financial assistance or support.

A bible college or religious organization does not need to be accredited, but we sought out an independent accrediting organization that reviewed all of our curriculum, biblical beliefs and did a complete onsite visit of our facility. At some point in the near future we will also seek after a business or corporate accreditation as well.


Our #1 Goal

Is to point humanity back to Christ, the King of Kings and His Kingdom!

Our Mission

Is to Shift the Church, Impart a Present Day Truth, Identify Emerging Leaders and Develop, Raise Up, Ordain, Release and Activate King-Priest, on how to live successfully in the Kingdom of God without delay, mixtures, movements, compromise or the Doctrines of Men and create a generational legacy for you and your family.

Our Mandate

Create and Establish a System of Order through our Curriculum and Relationships to Dominate the World Systems, Advance and Expand the Kingdom of God through your Life, Family, Business, Profession, Ministry and Raise Up the Next (Caleb) Generation of Leaders for Generational Succession!

Caleb Generation: Those that have the right to inherit!

Our Assignment

Is to both teach and show you that being both in business and in ministry successfully at the same time, is actually called "Living In the Kingdom Of God, Through the Royal Priesthood."

Five Areas of Concentration

Target Market

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